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Ep.12 S2 ”The Role of Technology to Unleash a Sustainable Recovery, Damarys ZAMPINI, Global Advisor Europe / LATAM, Ignite Fund."

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S2 Ep #13: It’s Time To Talk About Mental Health in Business
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➡️It’s a new era for mental health at work: employers across the globe now recognize that protecting and supporting the mental health of employees is vital to the future of their business.


➡️If you want to be a progressive business leader, now is the time to invest in the emotional and mental health of your team, they are after all your most valuable resource.


➡️It takes courage to change, to speak, to be vulnerable, and to face the adversity that surrounds mental health.


➡️In this episode, we present talks that matter about: How can a society be designed for well-being, The link between mental well-being and leadership, How leaders can prioritize employees’ well-being and mental health, Why leaders should care about mental health (including their own), Mental Health awareness as a leadership tool, Protecting well-being at work


About the guest:


☑️Scott Armstrong, mental health advocate with more than 30 years of experience as a journalist, editor, former editor-in-chief of Arabian Business magazine, and strategic communications consultant believes in the power of storytelling and content to reach and inspire people.


☑️Scott founded Mentl, with a mission to open up the conversation on mental health by being a trusted platform for leading content, expert resources, bespoke research, and progressive advocacy. Learn more:


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