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Ep.12 S2 ”The Role of Technology to Unleash a Sustainable Recovery, Damarys ZAMPINI, Global Advisor Europe / LATAM, Ignite Fund."

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S2 Ep #12: The Role of Technology for a Green Recovery, Damarys ZAMPINI, Global Advisor, Ignite Fund
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Topics: energy, clean tech, the role of digital technologies in supporting sustainable business model innovation, women in energy, women in blockchain, sustainable business principles, Ai, Blockchain technologies, ESG, impact investing

A green recovery from the COVID pandemic would have helped countries to build back better while driving economic growth and job creation. But the latest renewables reports paint a different picture: the transition the world had hoped for is simply not happening.

COP26 – the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) saw a number of important commitments, including the UAEs roadmap net zero by 2050, announced a few weeks prior to the conference. The Middle East is now at the heart of the energy transition conversation with COP27 taking place in Egypt this year and COP28 in the UAE next year. 


GUEST: Damarys ZAMPINI, Global Advisor Europe / LATAM, Ignite FUND

Damarys has held extensive roles in Energy, business dev, and commercializing large-scale projects worldwide. As CEO of SUSTRATEGY, Damarys builds and implements strategic growth plans for clients, working with innovative leaders to maximize cash flow while realizing their global potential including SaaS, AI, Blockchain, and Cleantech.


Enabling inclusion and inspiring diversity is deeply in her DNA, as she co-founded Women in Energy, Women in Blockchain, and The Future of Energy & Youth Education program.

Ignite Impact Partners Fund builds capital stack plans and acts as the economic catalyst for Climate Impact through our proven team and syndicate partners, bringing together ROI and social ROI.

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